And so it begins

Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe

Why start this website?  Well, to write about all the grand experiences we have every day and to tell stories along the way.

I’ll point out a few things that you might find interesting, or fun, or . . .  and together we will remember experiences from our history, family history, life history.

I’ll give you some facts and include a website or two.

There will be tips and suggestions about how to do various things.

Mostly, I hope to return joy to our lives.


How did I come up with the name Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe?

Well, according to:

Urban Dictionary*  Bitchin’ means: 1. Spectacularly good.  2. Awesome, great.

We all know O’l is short for Old.

Wikipedia says, a Boomer* is “is a person who was born between 1945 and 1964.”

And our ol’ standby, Merriam-Webster* defines Babe as “a young attractive woman.”  And, hey, we are all still “young and attractive.”  Right?  Right !

So, Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe is the perfect title for this blog.  Remember, this is our blog, so if you want me to write about a specific subject just let me know and I’m on it.

See y’all tomorrow.

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