Just Being

by Shinazy
Sometimes we find joy in just hanging out with the people we care about.  No agenda.  No goals.  Just being.  Together. 
relaxation, relaxing, relax

Sitting on a chaise lounge, at the edge of a pool.  Warm desert breeze, shade from the water starved pine trees, clear blue sky.  Is this featureless sky real?  Looking around I see no clouds, nothing on the horizon – no distractions for us to change our focus from being together.

Some of us are reading the Las Vegas Sun; others are napping; still others are writing their blog.  You can hear the sound of children playing – have you noticed; wherever you are in the world, the sound of children playing is the same.  Laughter is a universal language; we all understand a smile, a giggle, a laugh.
Yes, there is big JOY in Just Being.

photo by Shinazy

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