Occupy Wall Street – Is the name important?

Shinazy’s thoughts about the Occupy Wall Street movement
Do the Peace, Feminist, Civil Rights, and Environmental movements have better advertising agencies that write better ad copy?
occupy wall street

The names of these movements describe their agenda, their specific purpose.  Even their slogans reinforce what they’re about.

The peace movement is an anti-war movement, aka, Peace.  As boomers, we remember the common slogans during the Vietnam War years; they were equally descriptive: “Hell no, we won’t go [to war]“; “Make love, not war”; “Draft beer, not boys.”
The feminist movement is about women’s rights:  voting privileges and gender equality.  Even the banner phrase “Women’s Liberation” is clearly about ‘liberating women.’
If we look at each word, the meaning of the civil rights movement is clear – each of us, all of us, are entitled to our rights as declared in civil law.  Rather than a slogan, the 1960’s civil rights movement expressed itself with a song, ‘We shall overcome” [socio-economic segregation, racial discrimination, gender inequality.]
Environmental is defined as “of or relating to the external conditions or surrounding.”  The environmental movement is just that, champions of our surroundings.  For those of you who know me, you know why my favorite slogan is “Green is the new black.”
If we follow the same associate pattern, as illustrated above, is the Occupy movement about . . .  homesteading?
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  1. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I have been enjoying your blogsite and to say, "Thank you". Insightful, funny and downright inspirational, it's always a pleasure to read. ~ H.