FOLLOWER Friday: Ode to Bobbi’s Eyebrows

  An Ode by Bobbi Rankin
Yo, eyebrows where have you gone? 
I see less and less of you every day 
You let me down
You betrayed me
I have a few words for you…… 
In my youth you were strong,
Arched and nicely dark brown. 
You were the envy of my friends
So easy to care for, too. 
I could wink and flirt with confidence
Having the fullness of the perfect brows.
Today, I must color you when I color my hair
I’ve become a slave to my eyebrow pencil. 
Oh, too much pencil color or too little?
This becoming the ongoing morning battle.
Now, more than ever as age begins
To try and take you away,
I need you. 
I need you to be strong
I need you be of color,
To help me face the world
I want you eyebrows to stay the same
And not let me down…
Not disappoint or betray me…
You know what I talkin’ about?
Alas, at this time in my life,
Have I not more fun and important things to do
Than to pour such pity onto myself,
Over eyebrows?
I think I do. 
I think I’ll put my cap on
Go for a long walk along the lagoon
Enjoy the world
Enjoy my life as it is today. 
I know for a fact that I have today,
Faded eyebrows 
You aren’t important any more.
I think I’ll save myself this grief
Simply say no more,
About my eyebrow betrayal, that is. 
For as sure as I’m sitting here
I do have more important things to talk about
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    photo by bobbi
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4 Responses to FOLLOWER Friday: Ode to Bobbi’s Eyebrows

  1. Be careful what you ask for… One of my favorites is Willie Nelsons poem:
    My nookie days are over, My pilot light is out.
    What use to be my sex appeal, Is now my waterspout.
    Time was when of it's own accord, From my trousers it would spring.
    But now i've got a full time job, to find the f—–g thing.
    It use to be embarressing, The way it would behave.
    For every single morning, It would stand and watch me shave.
    Now as old age approaches, It sure gives me the blues.
    To see it hang it's little head, And watch me tie my shoes.

  2. Shinazy Shinazy

    One of the grand aspects of experiencing our third act is that we are comfortable in asserting what’s on our mind. A book I enjoy that speaks to this topic is ‘When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple’, by Sandra Martz

  3. Malati Marlene Shinazy

    On Maya Angelou's 70th birthday she told Oprah Winfrey:

    'Regarding body changes, there are many, occurring every day……like my breasts. They seem to be in a race to see which will reach my waist, first.'

  4. As one of our generation's great proponents of cosmetic surgery, my moto is:

    "If surgery can fix a problem, it isn't a problem."

    Intradermal micropigmentation, cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, should only be done in your cosmetic surgeon's office.