MUSIC Monday: Evolving Taste in Songs

A Story by Toni Duldulao


I grew up during the 50s when Elvis was the King of Rock & Roll.  I knew all of the words to all of his songs and still do.  Good memory?  No, in those days it wasn’t hard because the lyrics were extremely repetitive.  After all, what is so difficult in remembering: “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time.” repeated at least four times in a twelve line song?  Thankfully, as I grew older my taste in music evolved too.Post Elvis, Broadway musicals were being made into feature films.  I became a devoted fan of songs from West Side Story, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and The Fiddler on the Roof.  Funny but I don’t remember the lyrics to my favorite songs.  It seems that that the older I become the less reliable is my memory.


There was a saying among my age group:  “If you remember the ‘60s you weren’t there.”  My problem is I do remember the ‘60s because I wasn’t there.  I was in the convent.  My songs in those days were religious ones in Latin.  I don’t remember those either.  Maybe it was divine providence that my taste in music gravitated toward the classics because it is usually just instrumental and without lyrics.


When I looked through the list of singers and groups from the ‘70s, and ‘80s I recognized names but couldn’t tell you what they sang.  Actually the only singers I really remember from that time are Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond, but don’t ask me what were my favorite songs because I don’t remember.  Although I do remember Streisand singing some song with Neil Diamond complaining that he didn’t bring her flowers anymore.


What I can’t forget (and would like to) is later on there was a “new sound” called Punk Rock or Hard Rock and Rap.  “New sound?”  My heavens no, to me it was just awful screaming, instruments playing off key, and speakers turned up so high that the vibration moved them 5 feet with each beat of the “song.”


Now some sixty years later I have fun listening to an occasional Elvis, Streisand, Diamond, and classical music, but for the last few years my HEART HAS GONE COUNTRY.  Not long ago a friend asked me why I would listen to that “stuff.”  I don’t know but maybe it’s very similar to the old rock and roll AND I can understand the words being sung because they sing slower and use words and terms I understand.  However, other than the latest hit “Red Solo Cup” which is a repetitive song I don’t remember the lyrics except for the chorus…if I’m lucky.  

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 When I was 10 you introduced me to music  – you were crazy about Elvis. We sat in your room for hours watching the little black plastic circle go round and round on your new phonograph.  Now it ‘s my turn, let me introduce you to Everlast, a rapper whose music is influenced by the blues. Then there’s the Punk band, The Clash (they too have easy to remember repeating lyrics.) And, a favorite of mine, Metallica; their song ‘Bleeding Me’ is as soulful as any country tune.  Check out these bands on itunes and let me know what you think of the New Sound.

~  Shinazy, founder of BOBB


photo by shankar, shiv

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5 Responses to MUSIC Monday: Evolving Taste in Songs

  1. Toni, I had older sisters who were into the 50's music scene. I was in high school during the early 60's and my life was impacted by the music of the times. I feel that my sisters love of music, like Buddy Holly, prepared me to be a full on music lover and I went on to see, live proformances of The Stones, Stevie Wonder, Joan Baez, and even the Doors among others. I too remember many of the words from those good old days but alas not the music of today.
    Last night Adele won 3 awards and I really like her especially compared to Lady Gaga and others. Music is so important and we become so attached to it.
    Thanks for reminding me of my roots in music.

  2. Shinazy Shinazy

    Just watched a bio on Whitney… She will always be heard and remembered. I'm off to iTunes to download a few of her songs.

  3. Shinazy Shinazy

    We are soooo lucky to live in a time where we can enjoy any music from yesterday and from all over our planet. And, hey Bobbi, I like Lady Gaga and Adele, too.

  4. The cool thing about music is that it is linear…You can draw a straight line from BB King or Elvis to The Who to The Clash to The Ramones to Green Day to…
    You have to listen carefully to catch it, but when you do your random play list on your i-whatever doesn't seem so random

  5. Shinazy Shinazy

    Very well said, and I agree!