WISDOM Wednesday: Helpful Horoscopes

A Story by Malati Marlene Shinazy
Nancy and Ronald Regan knew there were specific astrological elements they needed to consider before they could make appointments, sign laws, run for president, etc. Before they scheduled the Geneva Summit to talk to the Russians, they made sure it was going to happen at an astrologically auspicious time.
Have you ever had a horoscope that wasn’t exactly, spot-on accurate?
Me either. They always seem to fit enough that I can claim, “Yes, indeed; it was just like that, yesterday.”
But I’m not sure I have Reaganesque confidence that my life is fatalistic — left in the hands of forces ruled by exalted planets, the degree of favorable or difficult aspects, strong angular houses, or succedent or cadent houses, or the relationship between my ascendant and the mid-heaven at the moment of my birth.
Still, on occasion, before my birthday I check my horoscope to make sure I’m ready for whatever it is that’s going to happen the next year.
Ready or Not, Here It Comes.
But, because I’m a Sagittarius, with a Sagittarius rising and moon in Scorpio, every year is projected to be a fabulous year. That, I’m ready for, happy for, believe in….
“Yes, indeed, it’s going to be another great year; my chart says so.”
But I’ve got a nagging question. Why was my astrological chart so reticent during the horrible years, the years when:
1.    My boyfriend left me, or
2.    I got laid off from my job, or
3.    I rear-end an old lady driving a Cadillac, or
4.    The hose from my washing machine burst, thereby flooding the laundry room, guest bathroom and living room – only then to have a gushing interior river follow the laws of gravity down through the heating ducts, across the insulation and into the furnace, causing an electrical short that nearly burned the house down?
My goodness, having some kind of astrological portent would have been helpful on any one of those year.
Had I any indication at all I could have:
1.    Minimized my heartbreak by ditching the boyfriend before he dumped me
2.    Minimized my precipitous plummet into near-poverty by getting a second and third job before losing the first one… Or perhaps replacing the ditched boyfriend with a “Sugar Daddy”
3.    Minimized my obscene out-of-pocket expense in that rear-ender by reducing my auto insurance deductible… or at least learned the fine art of hit-and-run
4.    Sold the house before the hose burst!
I’d be right by the Regan’s astrological side if a horoscope had given me a real “Heads Up, Get Ready, Girl” – so I could side-step or at least buffer some of those challenging years. 
I’d really be a believer if my horoscope instructed me to move my S&P 500 stocks into gold 18 months before I needed to!
I’m ready to believe.  I want to believe.  I want to follow Nancy Regan’s carefully planned timetable for ensuring world peace.  But someone needs to figure out how to adjust the sextile, quadrant, and decan to tell me something other than,
“Hey, you’re a Sag. You always have a great year. Happy Birthday.”
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4 Responses to WISDOM Wednesday: Helpful Horoscopes

  1. You have been looking in the wrong place for your predictions. Try Nostradamus, who was also a Sagittarius (Dec 14). He predicted your breakup (war), job loss (famine) and flood in your furnace.

    The great house, seven stadia round,
    after war, famine, flooding.
    It will spread far, drowning the great fires,
    even antiquities and their mighty foundations.

    Of course, he wasn't too specific about the year, or even that he was talking about you personally, but he's closer than your horoscope.

  2. Malati Marlene Shinazy

    You are right, Roberto. I'm sure Nostradamus' predictions were written specifically for my life. LOL – ms

  3. Had my chart done in early 2008 and without looking at it put it away in my files. Fast forward 6 months and I left my marriage and moved back to my home town. A month after that I took out my chart and read that the 9th month of year 2008 would be great change and uphevel in my life……well well well! Haven't had much accurate astromical info since then. Good call, luck of the draw or truth??? Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. Malati Marlene Shinazy

    Hi Bobbi- President & Nancy Regan spoke their astrologer more often than I speak to my primary care physician; his international and economic achievements are considered legenary… who knows — ms