A Perfect Breakfast©

A Story by Robert Deason

I was driving to my 35th college reunion and stopped for the night at a mid-range priced hotel that offers a free breakfast.  Whenever I spend long hours behind the wheel, I try to stay at places like this . . . but It is not really for the breakfast.  I have found that these hotels are almost always clean, comfortable, reasonably quiet, and most importantly, have a good shower.

Next morning when I went down for my free breakfast, I found that some folks from our parent’s generation (who were about to continue their bus tour) were just finishing up.  The room was small, and it was elbow to elbow at the coffee maker.  As I was waiting for my bagel to come out of the toaster, I struck up a conversation with Bernie.  He was dressed in what we would all think of as stereotypical fashion, bright plaid shirt, brighter Bermuda shorts, black socks and wing tips.  He also had on suspenders and a belt.

Remembering an old joke I said, “I see that you are a man who takes no chances.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, You’re wearing suspenders and a belt.”

A woman who was obviously his wife let out a sound that was a combination of a laugh, a whoop, and a yelp.  This had clearly been a topic of conversation prior to their exit from their room.  Thinking quickly, Bernie responded, “You know I’ve got to, or Maggie there will have my pants off me in no time.”  Stifled laughter escaped into the room, somewhat like a fuse being lit.  All ears were now trained in Maggie’s direction.  She put her hands on her hips, smiled sweetly and said, “Well what do you expect you big stud.”  The room exploded.  Everyone from the desk clerk to the bus boy joined in.  It was the best possible breakfast.  Belly laughs all around, with a side of tears.

Laughter is always good, but it went beyond that.  As our generation looks forward a few years, it is nice to know that humor, love, and passion are still ahead on the horizon.  And how will we dress on our senior citizen tours?  Cutoff jeans and sandals?  I think I’ll wear suspenders and a belt . . . and hope that I have a partner like Maggie who makes them necessary.

photo by bravenewtraveler

30 Responses to A Perfect Breakfast©

  1. Robert, this story was a good belly laugh. And I’m with ya on the cut off jeans and maybe birkenstocks???

    • A friend who read it actually suggested that I use Birkenstocks in the story, but I went with the more generic. “Birkenstocks” is funnier.

  2. Malati Marlene Shinazy

    Maggie: The heroine of we BOBBs 🙂 – ms

  3. Sweet Bob. Definitely made me smile. …and I’m hoping you find your Maggie, too! 🙂

  4. Ilona Kelemen

    Loved it Bob. I can picture Maggie doing just that, 🙂

  5. Patty Rardon

    Great story fellow Boomer Bob! Keep them coming.

  6. Nancy khanchandani


    Great story.It made me smile as I was reading it.To be able to laugh and be loved is what life is all about.
    Thank you for writing it.

  7. Good story. I like Maggie. I think I’m on the perimeter of the age group described. My question is, What comes after blended trifocals?

    • After that the glasses just get thicker until you can fry ants with them . . .not that any of us ever did that.

  8. Jeannette Maeder Howard

    Great story Bob! Funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Very cute story!

  10. Thanks Tina.

  11. Mary Wiley-Lewis

    Loved the short story. See what you would have missed had you stayed home!??? Betting the college class reunion was a lot of fun too. I miss your sense of humor…Roberto.

  12. Anne Webster

    Bob, this was such a special story that struck me in so many ways on this beautiful weekend morning!! Most of all, the joys and discoveries yet to come in our lives. Being a boomer is great, isn’t it?

    • It IS great to be a Boomer, Anne. We have a wealth of experience, and now the technology to be able to share it.

  13. From Snister, 4-27-12
    “Sooo enjoyed your first posting on BOBB. Looking forward to more!!;-))”

  14. From Suess, 4-28-12
    “Loved your story, little Brother! Actually, I love ALL your stories! You can probably fill this Blog every week! Hope you do! XOXO”

  15. Bob, I really enjoyed reading this today.It certainly brightened up my day!

  16. How wonderful it will be to become someone’s Maggie one day! A girl can only dream.