Love and Happiness Recipe ©

A love story by Will Jones

loveMy wife and I celebrated our thirty-first anniversary this month. Recently, our oldest son, our daughter-in-law and our one and only granddaughter visited from Boston. The whole family gathered for four joyous days. If there is a recipe for love and happiness, from July 7th to July 11th it looked like this:

Take one beautiful wife and add three handsome, healthy loving sons. Stir in one beautiful daughter-in-law, one beautiful fiancé and one beautiful girlfriend. Season with one beautiful, heart-melting granddaughter and two loyal, affectionate grandogs. Add one proud and grateful husband-father-grandfather. Blend all together for a long weekend of food, friends and fun at the beach. Serves nine to your heart’s delight.

Feeling love and seeing it in action is a grand feast of heart and soul. The recipe isn’t the same for everyone, but it tastes so good when you get it right.

Bon appetit! 

photo by woodleywonderworks

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8 Responses to Love and Happiness Recipe ©

  1. When I need guidance I look to an expert. Today’s story gives us a recipe for a successful marriage and the author is an expert because he just celebrated his 31th wedding anniversary. Congratulation Will.
    ~ shinazy

  2. Michael King

    This brought tears to my eyes ;(

  3. Malati Marlene Shinazy

    My son is getting married next year. I suggested to him and his fiance, should they need extra support building a foundation for a healthy marriage, contact Will Jones and his amazingly loving wife, Melinda… They are true role models for us all. — mms

    • My favorite role in retirement is sharing what life has taught me and helping others. You have my number!