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Below is a comment from Carol, who wanted to tell me about a memory she had after reading Easter Nest.  Carol graciously allowed BOBB to share her comment with you.

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Greetings Shinazy,

Thanks for the lovely story of your Easter Nest ….

I really enjoyed the story and the memories that it brings to mind.

commentMy own Easter was in a boarding school in India, where the entire school participated in amazing music and pageantry, from the 6-year olds up to the 18-year olds.   We all dressed in white and paraded in to [the hymn] “Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Hallelujah”.  The Saturday before, groups of students scoured the hillsides for lovely white lilies, and the church / gymnasium, was decorated with lilies.  A huge wooden cross was at the front, smothered with lilies from top to bottom, all gathered by energetic students, hiking over the hillsides in the mountains.

I also remember shopping for the white dresses.  But, Easter Sunday started with a sunrise service, 6 am, on Coakers Walk, overlooking a huge set of hills and valleys.   Actually from Coakers Walk, it is possible to see the “Bracken Specter”, which is where very occasionally, one can see ones shadow on the clouds gathered below, when the sun is in a particular position in the sky.

commentAlthough I went to Coakers Walk probably hundreds of times over 11 years, I never did see my shadow.   But I always knew it was a special event which could happen from this tiny remote hill station in the Palni Hills of South India.

Easter involved weeks of preparation, with each class singing some special music.  I must say the quality of music at our school was outstanding, with amazing voices and orchestra.  So for me, Easter is filled with memories.

After the services, we were usually invited to someone’s home for a touch of “home” away from home.  My parents could not come up the hill, travelling from  Delhi, North India, until later in the summer.  So we always hoped for someone to take us in for the day.

Thanks for the sweet reminders of Easter in Kodaikanal School.


photos by chimothy and ananth

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