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Aging thoughts by Shinazy

agingThe current info on the brain is that it continues to develop and is capable of learning forever.  We are encouraged to challenge it, to “exercise” our grey matter.  We might buy a few ‘Scientifically Proven Brain Fitness Programs”.  We can learn to dance, play a musical instrument, get a new cell phone, create a blog . . .  the list is infinite.

My friend Ron goes to dance clubs and engages his brain with learning the tango, waltz, and foxtrot.  I tried to Salsa, 1, 2, 3, pause . . .  5, 6, 7, pause (this is the beat for my feet).  I took private lessons because I still cringe from the memory of those 1980s jazzercise classes where everyone else could move their arms and hips and legs and feet in a motion that resembled something other than . . .  I can’t go there, you get the picture.  I Salsa in my home, alone, with no music.  Change anything and I freeze.  Oh, I continue to practice my steps, but I think my brain isn’t being challenged.  So, on to learning something else.

agingAnother friend, Kathleen, resumed her violin practice after decades.  Alas, for me, there’s no becoming a maestro.  I can recite the mnemonic for the five lines and four spaces of musical notes:  EGBDF (every good boy does fine) and ACEG (all cows eat grass), but I have no idea how the notes sound, and you never want to be in a room when I’m singing happy birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, maybe for mine I’ll get a new mobile phone and buy apps; playing with this new technology should keep my brain fit.  In a few months, I’ll let you know how that goes.

That leaves “creating a blog.”

Writing is like an onion, there are many layers.  The layers I fondly call: “What Should I Write About”, “Focus the Topic”, “Tighten the Imagery”, “Edit the Sentence Structure”.  Then, there are the behind-the-scene tech layers: domain name, site hosting, RSS feed reader, dashboard, float alignment, backlinks, gadgets . . . much to learn.

Each of us have items on our ‘bucket list’, most will require us to learn something – I decided to write.  So, for me, happily blogging every day should keep my ageing brain in the learning mode for quite some time.

 photos courtesy  Christian Haugen and kubotake

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6 Responses to Learning For An Aging Brain ©

  1. Yes, I’m a boomer and my brain cells are boomers, too. What can we do about this? Well, here’s something we should try. Enjoy
    ~ shinazy

  2. Nicely put, Shinazy. To keep my brain exercised, I write, read, have too many pets, create art, play video games, and keep my wife happy. 🙂

  3. The options are endless. I think you might enjoy taking swing lessons with a friend.

  4. Bobbi Parker

    Exercise, exercise, exercise. You can think it daunting but all it takes is one idea, one new gadget, a walk in the park, a new way of cooking or hiking Half Dome. From small to large, exercise comes in many forms. And like what was already said, it is limitless. But the benefits are endless.

  5. Michael Bell

    Well written, Shinazy, on a topic of personal interest, ie, when I don’t remember the word for “eggplant,”—I get concerned. I exercise my brain with the “Lumosity” program, which is like a gym for the mind—and learn basic Spanish and French with Rosetta Stone.

  6. I try to keep young by educating myself in new topics and trying new things. It’s hard to feel old when you do something for the first time.

    Writing is a great way to connect to your soul, which is ageless.