Kindness In Hidden Places ©

An unexpected act of kindness experience by Pauline Hosie

kindnessIt’s Friday night and the 504 bus is stopped in busy traffic.  Nearly 7pm, I will be late.  “It’s okay” I tell myself.  Over the years I have learned to be kind to myself, knowing that everything happens for a reason.  I focus ahead.  Once I spot the Caltex Petrol station, I press the red button.  As the blue “bus is stopping” sign lights up I make my way to the crowded back door.  The slim man in the grey business suit kindly moves across to let me through. “Thank you driver” I call out as the bus stops.

Streetlights guide me to the next corner.  Just as I am about to turn the corner at the mattress shop, my eyes are drawn to the dark, unlit street corner across the road.  A man in a black hooded windcheater is making himself invisible in the darkness.

What is he up to I wonder?

For some reason the hooded man makes me feel uneasy.

“Be kindno judging!“  I tell myself.  As I continue walking I spot the sign ‘Herbalist’.  Taking note of the large crystals in the window, I approach the bright blue door I know will be open.  Through the door and up the narrow stairs, I climb quietly…Nag Champa incense wafts under the closed door.  Too late!   Meditation has started.  I hesitate.  Will I try and enter quietly?  “No” I decide better not disturb the group.

Retracing my steps I wondered why I was guided to attend meditation only to arrive late.  What can I learn from the experience?

kindnessBack at the corner I wait for the traffic light to turn green.  While crossing I noticed the man in the black hoddie still hidden by the shadows.  Again I wondered what he is up too, conscious of his presence even with my back to him.

Just as I am about to cross Victoria Road I realize the elderly man beside me is blind.  When the traffic light changes, I take hold of the elderly gentleman’s arm and marvel at how brave he is to be out alone at night crossing one of the busiest intersection in Sydney.

Cane out in front, the frail gentleman walks slowing and deliberately beside me.  Aware we will not make the crossing in time, I do not hurry.  If impatient drive’s try to hurry us along ~ so be it!  The gentleman beside me deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  After what appears a long time, my elderly friend and I step onto the pathway on the other side of the road.

“Are you going to be okay?“  I ask him.

“Yes I will be fine”, he insisted, thanking me.

Just as I turn away from the blind gentleman someone grabs hold of my arm.  Shocked, I turn around to hear the words “well done” from the hooded man who disappears into the crowd.  Stunned that I was being observed by the faceless man, I thought kindness lurks in hidden places.

photos courtesy chrissy poicino and pauline hosie

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