Bitchin Ol’ Boomer Babe (BOBB) uses today’s technology to continue the age-old oral tradition of storytelling . . .

We also convey the wisdom and joy we gain through living our lives, with its beauty marks and moles.  Sharing life one story at a time because everyone has a story.

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SHINAZY – Founder and Writer Babe

My favorite Neil Young song lyric — “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” — what this means to me is to keep moving, learning, creating.

shinazy, BOBBI founded BOBB because I remember the stories my great-grandmothers and grandmothers told while I sat at their kitchen tables. These and other stories I plan to tell.

And, still other tales that have yet to happen.

In my personal life, I’ll continue to push the envelope, be silly, run and climb over, under, around, & through almost everything.  And, I know how grand it is to be a boomer.

I’m always in training to run somewhere – next destination is Australia for my eleventh and final marathon (then my feet will have run on all seven continents.)

Easily distracted I am because there is just so much in the world I must see and do, including baking pies that are too delicious to wait until after dinner.

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Do you have a memory you would like to share?

I believe Everyone Has A Story.



 BOBBThe BOBB Founder made me do it.   😉




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BOBBI RANKIN – Writer Babe
It’s never too late to try new things and take a new path on this road called life.


As a new boomer ( or—As a boomer on the cusp) I find myself on a new path with new people to meet, places to go and adventures to seek. I’m also finding a new voice to speak my truths and tell my stories.

Most importantly is that I love being the Mom of 3 adult daughter and Nana to 3 grand-boys. My time is spent with family and friends while enjoying outdoors activities. Camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, fly fishing, barbaqing and all the “ing” things to do. I enjoy art and music in many different forms. Oh ya, I’m now a beginner at running.



I was born in December at 7:36 am — dawn. It’s no wonder I always want to be awake at dawn. I want to watch the sun rise. And, I never want to miss out on a single moment of the day.


  • If it’s interesting – I want to be part of it
  • If it’s way out-there, odd and unusual – I want to be part of it
  • If it’s requiring introspection and self-assessment – I want to be part of it

Learning is a life-long passion. I am a Learning & Development professional and serial entrepreneur.  I founded Pacific Leadership Consultants, an alliance of experts who work together with one goal …The success of your organization.  Here’s the link:  www.pacificleadershipconsultants.com

I always look forward to your insights and points of view … and am thrilled when I receive your comments


PATTI  ISAACS – Writer and Graphics Babe

Have fun now, we’re gonna be dead for a billion years.

BOBBI shake things up once every few years and do something uncomfortable, challenging, and rewarding. Many times these challenges come unbidden, but if it’s been a few years, I go looking for trouble.
 I live in the woods in Minnesota with my husband, my industrial-size cat, Spicy, and Harriet Tubman (“Tubby”) the cockatiel. I’m working on a memoir about my experiences living in China in 1981 and again in 2005 entitled Time Travel in China: Three decades of change in the People’s Republic. You can read snippets from the book and see photos at: http://timetravelinchina.wordpress.com/
 I pay the bills by drawing maps and managing digital and print art programs for publishers. My business website is: http://patti-isaacs.com/ I also maintain a blog about map design and mapmaking: http://parrotgraphics.blogspot.com/
When I’m not writing or working, you can find me bicycling, skiing, swimming, taking photos, cooking or eating spicy food with friends.


ROBERT DEASON – Writer, Babe Magnet

I always wanted Andy Rooney’s job.

BOBBOnce a week you sit behind a mildly cluttered desk in a cozy little, book-filled office and tell people what you think about something.  Well interestingly enough, writing for BOBB is kind of like that . . . and I don’t have to wear a jacket and tie like he did.

I am a desert rat at heart (born and raised in the Mojave desert) but went east to go to college, and ended up spending 30+ years in Pennsylvania.  Now I am back in California, and  I wake up every morning thankful that I get another “do-over.”. After all, the object of the exercise is to live a good life . . . kind of like Andy Rooney did.


TRAVIS BURCHART – Writer, Babe Magnet

I’m an Okie by birth and proud of it.

My Oklahoma roots run deep as I can name the Five Civilized Tribes, I voted for Carrie Underwood during Season 4 of American Idol, and I know the lyrics to most Garth Brooks songs.

I was a stay at home dad for eight years, while working full time in legal research.  Envision the late, great Raymond Burr (a/k/a Perry Mason) or the cast from LA Law changing diapers, balancing burp cloths and spoon-feeding puréed cauliflower to two toddlers.  My expertises include: legal writing, swaddling newborns, legal analysis and soothing teething pain.

I’m best summed up by my perfect day: a screening of Good Will Hunting, a performance by the singer, Patty Griffin, a trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma and a bed time story told by Stephen King.


WILL JONES – Poet and Writer, Babe Magnet

I am a native Philadelphian who roamed the country during the 70’s

BOBBand finally settled in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1979. Recently retired after 25 years in public education, I spend most of my time doing more of the things I love to do: writing, golfing, hiking, playing the saxophone, and reading. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Melinda, for 30 years. We have three adult sons and became grandparents for the first time in February. Note of interest for music lovers and sixties survivors: I went to Woodstock and have the uncollected tickets to prove it. Check out my poems, stories essays, magazine articles, and Short Attention Span Movie and Book Reviews at http://everydaypeoplewilljones.blogspot.com/2012/01/welcome-to-every-day-people.html.

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