Why BOBBism?  This happens to all of us.   We’re in a conversation and we say something and we thnk, “WoW, that was profound, funny, slick.”  And we really mean to write the words somewhere so we can remember them.

Well, I seem to forget to write them down and they drift away ….  forever.

So, here is the place where we can record those pearls.

Here are mine.   What are yours?

P.S.  Yes, these are tweetable as #BOBBism

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from Christina Rasmussen, “I am fearless but yet humble to danger. I am bold but yet sensitive to love. I am adventurous but yet ready for calm. I am ME.”

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Someday is Today

Our efforts are our life seeds, from which we grow our future

You can move a mountain, just use a teaspoon

As I perceive so shall it be

Live a Life of NO Regret

Did someone die? Did the world stop spinning?  If ‘No’,  then it can be fixed

Intuition is your experience talking to you … Listen!

Learn from yesterday’s broken pieces to avoid repeating them today

Love your work and you will be playing all day

What I was may be my foundation, but I am the Builder

There are many paths to truth; I explore more than one

Rather than try, do

Commit or Sit

Common sense is not common

Second place is the first loser (I saw this on a t-shirt)

And, it is either going to cost you Time or Money

BOBBs are elephants, we never forget when we need ammunition

Nature will . . .

In a digital world Why do I need a printer?

#InAPerfectWorld   I’d get up, have coffee, go run, work, take a break … oh, wait, that’s what I’m doing now

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Sharing Life One Story At A Time

Chaos is the mother of creativity

Creativity is a byproduct of chaos

Unlike rocks, time does not erode friendship.

Choose smart, choose wise, and you can always choose not to decide

Tonight, take 5 minutes and watch the sunset

Tomorrow, find 5 minutes to sit by yourself and just let your mind wander

Did you play today?

Time to move, just get up right after you read this. Why? Why not!

Stay true to you

‎I’m really good at everything I enjoy doing

Step forward, just one step. Until you start to move or you will always be in the same place

Nothing is impossible, maybe improbable – but that has the possibility of success

I am free to think and dream and go anywhere my mind takes me.

No matter how bumpy the road, if we travel together we’ll get there.

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