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  1. Looking forward to reading, and contributing to, BOBB!

    • and BOBB welcomes you to the team. Giving our Readers a variety of stories is what BOBB is all about … and having fun along the way. ~ shinazy

  2. Hi Shinazy! I look forward to seeing how I can contribute.

  3. So excited to get these in my inbox! Yay! You are such an inspiration to me you bitchin’ babe! Can’t wait to check my email! Woo-hoo!

  4. Hi Shinazy,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at your Starbucks story, I am often the person in lui of many of lifes treasures albiet all the other things I hear, then decipher in my head. Much like what life shares with you once the first cup of coffee is gone in the morning and your realize that the grinds on the bottom of cup are yours as well. I belive for many reasons writers walk around in a special type of cloud, that allows them to test wheter the weather is right or wrong for what ever is coming or not coming or not coming. There are many people out there and each and every one has the bitter and the sweet, I would love to continue reading your gentle observations and hearing how you interpret those ify moments when you catch people not listening, or better yet just being who they are with out their guards up.

  5. Looking forward to all the stories on BOBB !!

  6. Vernon L. Bain

    I like it, and being a late boomer, 60s I have enjoyed what I have read so far and will keep reading, and if I can post something I try to.


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