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TECH Thursday: How to Change your Facebook Cover Photo

     by Shinazy

Two weeks ago in the Tech Thursday story titled, Facebook Timeline Is Coming, I mentioned that my favorite word related to the Facebook Timeline was the word HOVER.

To create or change your Timeline Cover Photo – the big picture that splashes across the top of your page – you must HOVER in the area where the Cover Photo would appear.
  • In the Cover Photo area you will see above the  Update Info Activity Log  a box that reads  Change Cover
  • Click on the upside down triangle 
  • You will then see
  • If you select  Choose From Photos, these are pictures you previously posted on Facebook  
  • You can select  Upload Photo, which should take you to where you saved all your pictures on your computer
Once you selected / uploaded the picture you want for your Cover Photo you can move your photo Up and Down to position how you want it to appear to your friends.
  • Put your curser on your Cover Picture and hold down your mouse button, then move your mouse up and down, your Cover Picture should move

  • Then click   Save Changes
Voila !    You now have a great big photo displayed on your Facebook Timeline.
Have fun with this feature.  I change my Cover Photo to match the picture used with each BOBB story.  So, if you watch my Facebook Timeline Cover Photo it will let you know a new story has been published on Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe  http://bobbblogg.blogspot.com/
Let me know if you need help with any of the Facebook Timeline features; I’m here to help.

photo by stoneysteiner