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Casual Cyclist ©

Cyclist and storyteller: Bobbi Rankin

cyclistI’m one of the casual cyclist.

I like my 7-speed Specialized with its comfy seat and handy basket.  I look forward to a time in my week when all the signs point to a good cycling day.

It’s one of those mornings and I wake up early, but not too early.  I look out the window and see the morning fog is receding back over the coastal hills and the wind, the wind is . . . clam.   I hear my bike calling to me from the garage.  Do you hear it say,  “Climb on board and let’s go for a ride?  Let the wind blow through you hair and helmet” (yes, my girls make me wear a helmet).   I do, I hear it say, “Let’s go cycling.”

The path I frequent meanders along the local waterways.  It is a popular place for the serious and casual cyclist, the wanderer, joggers and folks walking their dogs.  Fortunately for all of us, the path is well marked to keep us going in the right direction, similar to driving your car.

So off I go, casually cycling along minding my own business and there, right in front of me is a person haphazardly walking their dog while taking on a cell phone. Yikes, I ring my bell and I say, “Heads up” in a voice that is sure to be heard.   Just in time I see the dog being pulled to the side of the sheepishly smiling person.

As I come around the next corner, in the middle of the road is a family gathered around a stroller rearranging the baby’s blankets.  I grab my brakes, stand on my pedals and loudly say . . . “Heads up.”  Much to their surprise they see that I’m heading right for them.  I do stop, just in time, cause if I hit them I’d be in big trouble.  I like to stay out of trouble.

Ok, two close calls and as I look far ahead of me I see no more obstacles in my way.  I’m glad to say the coast was clear.

Finally, I’m cruising along without a worry or thought in my head.  When low and behold, before me comes a gaggle of geese mossing along enjoying their day as they waddle across my path on their way to the water.  Well, no bell ringing or yelling, “Heads up” will change the course of these geese that, by the way, think they own this water rich area where I live.  So, all that is left to do is stop and lets these geese meander on down to the waters edge.  Obviously the geese can’t read the well-marked path!

I come to a bench where I can sit to take in the beauty of the marshland and all the activity of the local water foul.  I relax into the bench while eating my lunch and enjoying the peace and quiet. Then I begin to laugh at myself as I admit, casual cycling means just that, casual and not taking myself so seriously.  As usual I’ve enjoyed my day in this cycling friendly area.

The bottom line is, it’s always a pleasure to be a cyclist and be with good friends, my bike and me.

photo by bobbi rankin

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