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Downtown, A Fine Place To Be ©

Going downtown with Bobbi Rankin


 Downtown, things will be great when you’re

  Downtown, don’t wait a minute more

   Downtown, everything’s waiting for you

No finer place for sure and the boutique was the frosting on the cake.

In the downtown area, where I grew up, were a large number of shops and stores. 

Some were practical as the Five & Dime, where you could sit at the counter and eat a juicy $.50 hamburger, including fries.  Across the street was the fabric store.  We students from the local high school sewing class bought our colorful fabric there.  Next to that was the hardware store.  It was your typical nuts and bolts kinda store.  A place where the locals see each other and gossip about the less meaningful happenings around town.  There were of course, the stationery store, shoe store and many other places we would roam in and out of on a sunny afternoon. 

A town can’t do without a theater and that was located on the corner near the downtown area.  My friends and I would walk to town and see the latest Saturday afternoon matinee.   We would scamper up into the balcony and find our seats clearly way away from the couples that dotted the landscape, for obvious reasons.  Giggling and trying not to see who was with whom, we ate our popcorn in total rapture of the picture show.

But the best of all stores and shops was the ladies boutique.  My mom – The 50’s Mom – was a saleslady at a mall in the next town; I understood that boutiques were a new concept.  This was where you could find not only the most current fashions but also the higher end, more trendy attire.  I clearly remember when I bought a formal at this boutique in the downtown area, knowing that no one else would have the same dress.  What a thrill.

So, you can imagine my next thrill, when I got my first job there!  Yes, at the boutique, my favorite place in the midst of all the mundane, everyday downtown shops.  I was hired at $1.25 and hour and worked one and a half days a week.  Being a senior and wanting to borrow my parent’s car, I found myself in the greatest of both worlds.    And the only two worlds I cared about at that time.  I was now working at my favorite place AND being paid for it.   Well maybe three worlds, I now had gas money so my friends could go cruising the main drag and get a Coke at the local drive-in.

Life was good downtown and at my favorite boutique, not to mention using my parent’s car, cruising and hanging out at the local drive-in.  I continued working at the boutique through my second year at the junior college.  I then moved on, leaving the downtown and boutique behind, trying my hand at growing up.

Downtown, no finer place……………( Petula Clark )

photo by shinazy

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