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Eating at The Counter, part 1 of 2

Eat at a counter with Shinazy

When was the last time you ate at the counter?

I really enjoy eating at counters, especially when I travel alone.  It feels like I’m sharing a meal with other people.  Eating at a table or in a booth, alone, is well . . .  eating alone.
When I eat at the counter, the person next to me may start a conversation or I will.  These talks are different from the talks with an airplane seatmate.
At the counter, everyone has something else to do – eat. 
Everyone has a different time to depart – when his or her meal is finished.
There are pauses to take a bite, or sip.  There are the interactions with the Server.  Because my time at the counter is short, I keep the topics light, talking about food, wine, the day’s events.
I think of The Counter as a daytime place.  The same place at night is The Bar.
At the bar, folks add business related topics to the conversation.  Sitting alone is a networking opportunity; business deals can start here.  Or, it can be like attending a mini party – happy people coming and going.
Sometimes I need to get out of the house, just to . . . be out.  So I take myself to my favorite local restaurant and sit at the counter or at the bar.  I enjoy watching the actions of the staff, well-choreographed movements, or the theater of a performing bartender, while I chat with folks I just met.  It’s a lovely time.
I highly recommend you eat at a Counter.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about some of my favorite Counters.
photo by shinazy
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