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Ode to Waxing Leg

This Ode was written by Bobbi Rankin
Bobbi’s Legs in Maui
Legs, it’s your turn….
your turn to do something you’ve never done before.
You faithfully have taken me to many places,
you’ve never let me down.
Yes, we’ve done much together.
Now it’s your time,
your turn,
I’m going to wax you for the very first time!
Yes, can you believe it?
We’re going to Maui
the goal is to be smooth, soft and above all
There again not wanting to be a slave to the razor,
familiar theme?
Every one of those pesky hairs will be gone by bedtime.
I’ve set it all up
I’ve exfoliated
I’ve dusted with cornstarch,
heated the wax,
sitting on the floor with newspaper all about
let’s get it done!
Hot wax!
Ok, clam down and do the job,
can’t see the backside of my legs…
apply, pull, pile the hairy wax out of the way.
I’m getting it,
actually pulling those hairy suckers out,
be gone you pesky hairs!
I think I’m done.
I jump up, elated, but oh,
I realize wax is still stuck to my legs
wax is under my fingernails
wax is on the floor.
AND what else do I see?
Hairs sticking up in defiance?
where are my tweezers?
After all the goal is to go to Maui with hairless legs
even if I have to pull ever last renegade out by hand!
Mission accomplished
the goal is completed,
now you smooth legs you can proudly carry me to Maui.
I think next time I’ll pay to have this done….            
I’m off to bed.
Ooohhhhh ….the sheets feel so good against these hairless legs!    
photo by bobbi