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Words ©

Words by Michael Bell

wordsI spear for salmon words
That inhale wind bending the trees…
Or that dance to the conga drum in my heart.

I seek… baptized words dipped…in a lake of contemplation.
For words that wait…hoping for life in a stanza of this poem.
For a plethora of words inside a wicker basket…
For Words…words that skate upon a frozen lake in tandem with
Words that won’t stumble and don’t fall like a Californian new to Maine.

I want to dance to the music of words.
The crashing ocean wave word or lonely howl of dog word.
The colored jewel- kaleidoscope word and fat woman laughing at the beach word.
The spider’s web word.
The sparkle in the eye of a beautiful woman word.
A poem word in the sun’s reflection on a wave off the south coast sea.

I wish…to sip from the golden chalice offered on a grassy knoll in praise to the Word.
To relish the victor’s leap upon word rightly found…


The noon day tintinnabular of an epiphany of words…
In the era when I heard words I didn’t understand,
When I couldn’t speak words…when I couldn’t say…

I drove far to drill into the gusher of words in places I just couldn’t reach…
And tongue stilled… couldn’t say the love I felt for Claudia.
Nor the history of the empire of Rome
Or the image of the Marlboro man…
Or the dim memory of music tuning in my father’s circus band.
The cotton candy at the zoo in my little kid’s hand.


When wind from the lungs of God swayed the branches of the mighty oak on a hill in Salinas,
When the cold wind braced the spirit of my youth…
When the eucalyptus grove wind blew upon a Daly City hill not yet the neighborhood of today.

While not wanting to make of her the only one of my dreams…
I wrote this poem for Claudia.

photo by julie or dan scott

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