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TECH Thursday: Facebook Timeline Is Coming

by Shinazy

Yes, it’s coming.  

We may not like it, but over the next few weeks it will arrive.   

It is Facebook Timeline and when you decide you like it, it will function as your personal ‘website’.  

To get a head start, I changed to Timeline and went through the Help Center, step-by-step. Below are my notes:

Our ‘TIMELINE’ is just to the LEFT of the listing of our friends

  • Hover over – this is an important action.  In order to do many things in Facebook’s Timeline, I needed  to Hover over something to see what I was looking for.  So, remember, when frustrated, Hover over items.
  • To Hide A Story
o   Hover over the story and click ‘Hide from Timeline’.  The story will stay in your ‘Activity Log’ which only you can see, or
o   Click ‘Delete Post’ and it is gone forever !
  • To Add A Story
o   On the left side of the screen, you will see this
o   Click the type of thing you want to add:  a Status, Photo, Place, Life Event
o   Write what you want to say
o   Using the 3 tiny icons at the bottom left, you can Tag a Friend, Pick a Date for the story, and/or Add a Location
o   Decide who can see your story
§   IMPORTANT !!  Life Events are Public until you change the ‘Audience’

  • To Change the Privacy Setting on this story
o   Click the upside down triangle to the left of the word Post, a drop down menu will appear.  Now you can select Public, or Friends, or Only Me
  • To Change the Privacy Setting on ALL your post
o   I recommend you go to the Help Center.  (You cannot undo your change and I’d rather you hear it from / hold Facebook accountable if something goes amiss.)
  • To see what your Timeline looks like to others
o   Find this     it is to the left of your Timeline
o   Click on the upside down triangle and click on ‘View As’
o   You can also type in the name of a friend
  • Cover Photo
o   I had no trouble loading my new picture from my computer
o   I can change it any time I want.
  • Privacy
o   Go to “Home” (upper right corner), click on the upside down triangle, –> Privacy Settings
§  See “How Tags Work”, click on “Edit Settings” –> change “Maximum Timeline Visibility” from “Public” to “Friends” –> Done
§  To change all past posts from “Public” to “Friends only”:  Go to “Limit the Audience for Past Posts,” click “Manage Past Post Visibility”
      –> Read ALL the words, then decide what you really want to do.

My opinion of the Facebook Timeline: 
  • Yes, it looks different and it will take me awhile to know automatically where to look.
  • It’s easier to jump to the past via the Timeline slide bar. 
  • I like that I am able to ‘Edit Thumbnail’ and ‘Scale it [to] fit’.
  • Via the ‘Activity Log”, I like that I can control what’s on my page and in my Timeline.  And of course, I starred all the Bitchin’ Ol’ Boomer Babe postings.
  • I need to remember to HOVER.
  • I’m still unsure about how the post from my friends will look in Timeline and how easy it will be for me to comment.
  • It’s great that the Facebook Timeline lets me post stuff to the past.
  • The Help Center is helpful.

Let me know if you are having difficulty with any of the Facebook Timeline changes and I’ll help you and post the answer here in BOBB, so we can all learn.
Good Luck to us all !

   photo by Danja

TECH Thursday: Introduction to Facebook’s Timeline, coming to a computer near you

by Shinazy

Facebook.  For some of us Facebook is just two four-letter words, for others it is the local café, and for others still it has replaced letter writing and postal stamp buying.  Regardless of our personal feelings about it, like the telephone – (remember that black thing that sat in the hallway nook tethering us to within 3 feet of the wall) – Facebook is here to stay.  And like the telephone, just when we finally figured out how to friend our friends, post on our wall, leave comments on our friend’s wall, what does Facebook do?  . . .  It changes!

Get ready for Facebook’s new profile layout: Timeline (hey, another double four letter word.)  It’s coming, like it or not, so we might as well figure out what’s it all about.
Think of Timeline as your digital diary, scrapbook, journal, memoir, album, chronicling your life events, or as much of your life as you want to expose . . . errrr, I mean post.
Early boomers will remember the television series, “This is Your Life” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Is_Your_Life      Think of Timeline as your version, as it can pull from your past, telling your life story.
General info about Timeline:
Instead, of the single-center column, you will see two columns: a large one, similar to what you see today, and a smaller column to the right for speedy navigating.
Any dated information you previously entered will appear on your Timeline: your birth date, graduation date, birth dates of your children, grandchildren, work history dates, etc. You can add photos and captions to photos, or remove anything you would rather delete from your life story.
When computers first entered our lives, a wise person said to me, “If you want something that will remain the same throughout your lifetime, buy a fork.”
So, you see four-letter words can be something we embrace.
Stay tuned for the nuts and bolts of Timeline.  I’ll also cover: the “Activity Log”, cog / icon / badge, other stuff on the main page, “Life Event”, and . . .  PRIVACY tips.

photo by stoneysteiner