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Free at Last: Adults at Play ©

Adults play around near Malati Marlene Shinazy

adults playI was suppose to be working … sort of.  I wanted to observe TheGoGame    a unique team building game, so I was tagging along with the CEO as he played with a group of professionals.

As I donned the orange jump suit that signaled I was part of TheGoGame staff, I suddenly realized: These office workers were going to be Free at Last: Adults at Play!  And, so was I.

TheGoGame has all manner of high tech urban adventure games for different clients.  The most salient common denominator though is: FUN.

The afternoon started with each team opening a super-hero themed lunch box and giving the team a name.

Inside, were the tools needed to accomplish each “mission” of the game:

  • Web enabled cell phone
  • Initial instructions
  • Camera

Missions contained components of planning, stealth and play.  The game was two hours long and each mission garnered a certain number of points.  Each team had to decide whether to complete more missions or focus on the creative ones.

All of these elements were exactly what adults at play need:

  • Strategy
  • Luck
  • A bit of confusion to overcome

… … just like at work!  No wonder, TheGoGame’s tag line is, “Play Like It’s Your Job.”

A small sampling of the missions:

  • Driving a remote-controlled car around an obstacle course, while blindfolded and coached by teammates.
  • Videotape your team disco dancing behind an unaware stranger.
  • Trying to calm and then catch a sobbing, then dashing away bride, who had just left her fiancé at the alter.
    • After you catch her, you have to convince her to tell your team where to go next … BTW: the bride is an actress.

Video taping successful missions is where Adults at Play is really displayed. Adults at Play = Taping the company VP being eaten by a zombie!

At the end of two hours, the teams gathered, their mission video clips were downloaded, and music selected for each one.  As each team’s mission video was revealed to the entire group, the other groups used the web enabled phones to cast their votes.

The voting scale, like everything else, had an element of humor in it.  Who knows for sure, I was having too much fun to remember the details… but I think the lowest score was something like, ”That video sucked.”  The highest score, “That video rocked.”

Watching the videos, everyone laughed, applauded, and continued to play.  After the final scores were tabulated (mission accomplished scores + the video voting scores), prizes were given out:

  • Lowest Scoring Team > Rubber Chicken
  • Next Team Higher > Sigmund Freud Action Figure
  • Highest Scoring Team > Well… you can only guess  🙂

This was truly an afternoon where fun reigned and the employees were given the chance to be Free at Last: Adults at Play… me too!

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